Stefan Welland - Extracurricular Activities

Stefan is ready for a nice relaxing read before bedtime. As the book gets to an exciting part, he can’t help but open the front of his jeans to make more room for his slowly expanding cock.

He can’t continue reading, so he peels off his underwear and begins to tease his cock to full girth. As he lays back, with his cock slippery with lube and loving the attention, Stefan quickly releases a load all over his stomach.

However, with his ass begging for attention, he then flips over on all fours and begins to push his tight hole towards extacacy, while he drives his throbbing cock into his tight fist.

Feeling another impending orgasm growing closer, Stefan stretches out on his back and works his cock towards its 2nd explosion. His tight hole pulsing around his finger, he shudders and lets another load fly.

Greedily wanting more, he lets out a third, body shuddering load, before collapsing back, his breathing heavy and his balls exhausted.



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