Blake Jordan - Playing In the Game Room

Blake Jordan takes a trip to his friends house. When he arrives he waits in the game-room at the table. It seems there is something poking from under the tablecloth. His curiosity gets the best of him and he pulls the cloth off and discovers a large kryptonite dildo with a bottle of SPUNK lube. Blake Jordan starts playing with the dildo and pulls out his perfect cock. Sucking on the dildo while stroking his cock makes him really hard as he deep-throats the dildo. He then strips naked to show off his perfect round ass that he starts to tease while sucking on the dildo. The dildo "falls" onto the floor and shortly after Blake Jordan "falls" on top of it. He takes the 9 inch cock like it's his job while he masturbates and stretches things out. He rides it hard until cumming all over himself.

Staring: Blake Jordan


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