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Dillon Anderson - Morning Ritual - August 11th, 2016

Dillon Anderson wakes up and immediately gets the urge to grab his Spunk lube. Once he’s primed he takes out his toy and gets things going. He loses his underwear and starts working his toy. He starts playing with his round, perfectly shaped ass on all fours, then goes back to stroking his monster cock until he explodes all over the sheets.

Blake Barnes - Smoking Hot - July 28th, 2016

Blake Barnes got himself a new apartment and before moving in he cleans the place up a bit. When he cleans up an old and dusty closet he finds a box that the old owner probably forgot. He takes it out and what his finds is a rather interesting rubber doll with tits and a cock. Being straight Blake found the tits arousing, but the cock seemed also quite appealing. He starts to play with the tits getting hard while he touches them, but the cock still gets his attention. Blake Barnes grabs it and it makes him even harder! He penetrates the doll through the mouth and tits until orgasm, and to crown the moment he cums all over the dolls rubbery cock. Now Blake Barnes is ready for a smoke and to continue cleaning.

Dillon and Jackson - Bareback - July 21st, 2016

What do you do when you’re brand spanking new to the bottom scene? You call the “sexpert”. Dillon Anderson was more than happy to show Jackson Davis the ropes and help him explore his new curiosities. Dillon takes it nice and slow before sending Jackson Davis to a whole new place of sensuality. You can tell by Jackson’s eagerness he will be ready for the next lesson as he passes this class with flying colors. Dillon Anderson shows Jackson Davis the finer points of oral sex, leaning him back and slowly sucking on his hard cock, before Jackson Davis returns the favor, showing Dillon Anderson what he has learned. This just gets Dillon Anderson all wound up. He flips Jackson Davis over and rims him good, before sliding his bare cock into Jackson’s tight ass. They switch positions, and Jackson rides Dillon Anderson until he cums. Dillon Anderson then flips him again and continues to hammer into Jackson’s ass. He has more tricks up his sleeve though. This time he inserts anal beads as well as his cock - this makes Jackson cum a 2nd time! Dillon Anderson then shoots a powerful load all up Jackson’s shaking body!

Nicko Styles Left Hanging - July 14th, 2016

Frustrated, Nicko Styles heads home after Blake Barnes leaves him hanging with more than he bargained for. He heads to the bedroom, where he takes care of what Blake Barnes started! Nicko Styles slowly strips down, massaging his giant cock. He teases his tight hole, and strokes his monster to a climactic finish!

Skyler Thomas Rides Nicko Styles - July 7th, 2016

Sometimes you just want to relax and get your game on. Poor Nicko Styles wants to do just that, but it’s not the game his roommate Skyler Thomas has in mind. Once he puts the game controller down, it’s non-stop action as Skyler Thomas finds his own kind of joystick and shows off his skills. If you can just find a way to get the guys away from their screens they are bound to find activities that stimulate their minds…and other parts of their bodies!

Milo - Before the Interview - June 30th, 2016

Milo Fisher is very excited for his job interview. The big fancy company that he wants to work for even flew him in and put him up at an equally fancy hotel. He’s so excited about the whole thing that when he wakes up from his nap he decided to fuck the hotels furry pillow. He takes it a step further and rubs one out all over the decorative comforter. The hotel staff is going to earn their keep after Milo Fisher’s stay!

Skyler's Room - June 23rd, 2016

Skyler Thomas is alone in bed with only a pair of boxer shorts on, as he starts to rub slowly on his cock. He then reaches over to a near by drawer, pulling out a bottle of lube and black silicone anal beads. Skyler Thomas pulls off his boxers and lubes up his hand grabbing on his flaccid cock until it becomes rock hard. He bends over, face into the pillows, and grabs his anal beads - slowly inserting them one by one into his tight hole. Then moving onto his back once more, now fully erect, he begins to stroke his cock harder. His speed increases, until finally pulling out a load onto himself dripping down his cock and hand.

Blake Barnes - No Longer A Virgin - June 16th, 2016

Blake Barnes and Scrappy work together in an office. One night, they decided to meet at Scrappy’s house to get caught up. The two work for a while, until Scrappy tells Blake Barnes about his night with his husband. Blake Barnes was confused when Scrappy talked about bottoming, so Scrappy decided would be best to show him. Scrappy grabs on Blake Barnes, getting him in the mood, then begins to take his clothes off and sucking on his cock. Scrappy then lays Blake Barnes on his stomach and fingers his ass, getting ready to put his cock deep inside his virgin ass. He thrusts his cock into Blake Barnes’s ass and Blake Barnes lets out a moan of pain. Scrappy fucks Blake Barnes in several positions, before flipping Blake Barnes on to his back to suck his cock some more. Scrappy even shows Blake Barnes how he can penetrate Blake Barnes’s cock with his tongue ring! Scrappy then pulls out a dildo and moves towards Blake Barnes, but Blake Barnes has had enough of being penetrated. He flips Scrappy and shoves the dildo deep in to Scrappy, jerking his cock and fucking him silly. Blake Barnes then pushes his cock into Scrappy’s mouth and face fucks him, until Scrappy explodes with cum. Blake Barnes follows closely behind laying on his back cumming all over himself! Definitely don’t miss this one!

Blake and Mickey - From Toys to Fucking - June 9th, 2016

Mickey O’Brien likes toys a lot – especially when they are his friend Blake Barnes’. When Blake Barnes catches Mickey O’Brien using his fleshlight, he is more than happy to teach him the correct way to use it. Watching Mickey O’Brien use the fleshlight doggy style, Blake Barnes gets himself so turned on, he can’t help but ask Mickey if he wants to feel a dick up his ass while he does that. Not a moment passes before Blake Barnes has his thick cock deep inside Mickey. They fuck away doggy style, before Blake Barnes flips him onto his back and and continues to penetrate Mickey while he pumps into the fleshlight. These two really know how to heat things up in this intense scene!